Failure is a part of a process. First of all you should not panic. Step back and look the situation from another perspective. Could you have done something better? Is it actually your fault for failure?

Did you have all the correct data in order to avoid failure? These are just some questions. You should take failure as a lesson and not as the end of the world. Did you know that not everyone succeeds in life? Did you know in order to succeed you must have an unfair advantage and try really hard to accomplish your goals?

I will give you an example to better understand failure. Most online businesses fail within 3-6 months. Do you know why? Because people don’t know the metrics. They think they have an idea and they also think people will love the idea. But this is not how it works.

First of all you must learn that internet works with conversion rate’s. The average conversion rate of a website at it’s best could be 2%, this means every 100 people who visit the website 2 of them might purchase a product.

Do you know how hard it is to get consistent traffic on a website? Do you know how hard the competition it is? Do you know how hard people are giving money these days?

So you see there are a ton of factors that something might not go right. In order something to go right you must do a lot of things to achieve great results.

In order to get back on track i will share some tips in order to benefit form them.


Talk with your closest people and listen to them. Try to get as more answers and identify which answer would be best fit for your situation.


If your failure is on money or business consider finding more ways on making money. Example you could build a website and sell things, or on facebook or on social media.


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