Strategies to increase sales

If you want to learn about strategies to increase sales then this post will help you a lot.

First you must fix your organic pages.

In the online world in order to get consistent sales you must build your online selling machine. In order to have a selling machine each part of your machine has to work in it’s full potential in order for you to make money. You must understand that if your machine is broken sales will not come. It’s not your fault, this happens because you don’t know how to build an online sales machine but in this post you will get a clue on how to start fixing your sales machine.

Everything starts from the little things. The first thing you have to do is to go over to your google search console. Set the view to the last 28 days and find out wich pages have the most clicks, your average click through rate , and your overall traffic.
The image bellow shows an example from a website selling canvas prints.

Here we can see that we have 1950 clicks on this website organically with an average ctr 2.3% and average ranking position 9.9. The best thing is to try and increase your website’s organic traffic, this is what you should be doing daily. But this is one part. The second part you should be focusing on is to start trying to get higher ctr by changing your titles and meta descriptions to a more compelling manner. You should be writing more interesting stuff in order to grab visitors attention.

The next image shows keywords and clicks (some of them) the website’s is getting traffic.

You must find your top pages and try to fix as more things as possible. For example a good strategy would be to start trying to rank higher in the search engine, have a more compelling message on your meta description and title, put your best seeling products on top, use scarcity to make the visitor interested enough to search more on your website , have a working lead magnet , with a working follow up , get as many leads as possible, and if you do this many times , the practice you will have invested you will gain great experience of how by doing your website a better place is the best strategy to increase your online store’s sales.

The next thing you want to do is to go on and check your website for speed. The image bellow is a test we did before fixing the speed of this website.

Fixing your webcore vitals will be key to increase your website conversions because you will engage more visitors, your website will be loading faster and you will not loose your visitors.

If you increase organic traffic and set your top selling products in the top results on each category you will increase your online sales because this is the first Strategies to increase sales.

Strategies to increase sales
Strategies to increase sales

Target the right keywords with paid advertising.

If you are doing paid advertising on google adwords you must know that you must be extremely organized in order to see positive results. We are going to use an example just for you to understand exactly what you have to do, and this will be one of the most valuable Strategies to increase sales.

The example will be on a website that is selling canvas prints. Canvas prints do have a lot of subcategories. You want to separate each keyword and target the appropriate category on your website. If people are looking for world map canvas prints you should create a campaign advertising world map canvas prints and the visitor should land on the correct category.

Understand that if visitors will not find easy and fast what they are looking for they will leave too early from your website.This will take you a lot of time to build it but it will pay off in the end because your ads will do the right thing. Advertise exactly what people are searching for.

Imagine if someone is searching abstract canvas prints and you land them on famous paintings canvas prints. Both of them are canvas prints but it is totally different from what the visitor is looking for.

So until know you have managed to fix your organic pages the right way and also you have made a correction in your google adwords account.

If you have done all this you are many steps ahead right now.
You might think that this is not strategies to increase sales, but believe me they are. Your website actually is a money making machine. In order for your website to make money you must fix each part to work correctly for you, otherwise you will not be able to produce sales daily.

Add a visible button how to buy. Adding a visible button how to buy will do 2 things. It gives details to your users how they can buy what you are offering, and also you can see witch traffic source gives the best conversion rate when visiting that page.
And if you record your visitors who visit that page you will be able to create a specific list on google adwords so you can remarket them. This list will be hot as those people have shown a big interest on how to buy from you shop.

Lead generation.

With lead generation you will build your list. It is the first thing you should be doing if you want to build a real business. Your list are people that are very interested on what you have to offer. You must keep in touch with them and build trust. If what you offering interests them enough then you make money. This another great Strategies to increase sales.

This is how it work’s. In order to build your list you need to give them something great in value. Best lead generation techniques are pop up’s. A pop up will be the best option to grow your email list. If you have low traffic doing A/B test will grow your list faster and you will be able to make more money.

With lead generation and a proper follow up system you will be able to build a sustainable income, because that way you will create a sale process. A business this is what it needs to succeed. New leads that are interested on what you have to offer and a working sale process.

Conversion rate.

The number one thing you should be doing is conducting A/B tests. With a/b tests you actually building a strategy to increase sales and this is what will move forward your business.Here is an example of what an A/b test can do for you. In our example we will cover a website that is getting traffic organically.

With a non tested pop up the website is getting 1% leads – with a tested pop up and improved in order to get the most possible leads we reached 10% leads. Can you understand how much this will benefit your business? But this is the first step. The next step is to actual test your offer.

If you want to test your offer there is special way done with utm builder campaign. Testing your offer is the next big thing you want to do in order to be able to grow your business with strategies that work.

Use social media.

Using social media daily is a hidden strategy no one tells you about.Posting one time each hour can really explode your business. You ask why? Because people tend to respond to something they see too many times. Seeing your website just one time will not do much.

So a good strategy to increase your online sales is to build post useful things for people on social media in order to make them interested enough to see your offer and buy your products.

Analyze your current traffic outcomes.

You should take a closer look at your website’s current outcomes. See what is working the best and try to identify what you could improve inside your website to see a dramatic change. Improving conversion rates is key if you want to earn more income.Don’t try to build a huge traffic to make money, see how you can get more from what you already have. This is one of the biggest secret Strategies to increase sales.

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